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Auto Mount Windows Partitions in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid

While Ubuntu 10.04 detects all windows partitions automatically on the boot, it doesn’t mount them automatically at the boot. You can have them automatically mounted at each boot by simply using ntfs-config. It is an easy to use GUI tool which adds the appropriate tags in /etc/fstab automatically and you don’t have to edit them manually. Here is how to use it. First install it by doing

sudo apt-get install ntfs-config

Launch it from System > Administration > NTFS Configuration Tool, it would detect all your windows partitions you should see something like this


Select the partitions you want to be mounted automatically on reboots and click “OK”, once the tool is done applying making changes click on Cancel to access the next configuration window.

Choose Enable write support for internal device in the scree as shown above. NTFS configuration tool would automatically make the changes for it. When it is done applying the changes click on Close to exit the program. Now your /etc/fstab should have entires like these, depending on the partitions you chose:

#Entry for /dev/sdb1 :
UUID=29CDFA1227AFD60B    /media/Win7    ntfs-3g    defaults,locale=en_US.UTF-8    0    0

Thats it, reboot and now your Windows partitions would be mounted automatically.