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GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2017 (Direct Download)

GBWhatsApp is one of the best third party application for WhatsApp Mod for all android devices. GBWhatsApp can be installed in any android devices for free. This is the modded apk for the official whatsapp application. The app called GBWhatsApp is used to do many kind of thing like you can hide your online status while you are chatting, hide seen tick mark, hide double seen tick mark, change theme and many more. We know many of us got bored in using the official whatsapp application again and again. So here the GBWhatsApp is for you. It is the official whatsapp modded version and you can download it for free from this website.

It is very easy to download and install this GBWhatsApp apk in your android device. It will helps in adding some extra features in the official whatsapp application. The application can be installed along with the official whatsapp application. It is not required to uninstall the official whatsapp application to use this GBWhatsApp apk. That means you can use dual whatsapp account with the help of this GBWhatsApp application. I am very much sure that you will be in love with this application after installing it in your android device.

The app is having premium feeling regarding its features. In the app, you will find the one dedicated menu called as GBWhatsApp settings menu. In this setting, you can do so many things which is not possible in the official whatsapp application. With GBWhatsApp you can copy multiple whatsapp messages without the data and name of sender. So what are you waiting for? Download and install this amazing GBWhatsApp in you android device and start enjoying it. Below we have shared the step by step guidelines to download and install this GBWhatsApp application in your android device.

What Is GBWhatsApp Apk?

gbwhatsapp apk

GBWhatsApp is one of the best Modded application for WhatsApp. It is the must have app for any android device. It is the one with whom you can get more features in you WhatsApp. As we know some months ago whatsapp was started banning the account who use third-party whatsapp application in their device like Older GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus. But here you do not need to worry about it in this new GBWhatsApp apk. This version of GBWhatsApp comes with the anti-ban mod so you will not face any banning issue here.

This is the multi used GBWhatsApp version which can be used in any device having android operating system. It is the complete and full modified version of official whatsapp application having lots of cool and great features. Before using this app, you need to know few things to be setup in your android device. Below we have explained everything to know about this GBWhatsApp apk. You just need to follow every steps and recommendation to install this GBWhatsApp apk in your android device.

GBWhatsApp Apk Requirements

To install this GBWhatsApp apk in your device, you need to do several settings in your android device. Look below to know and learn how to install and use GBWhatsApp in your android device. Make sure you follow every step to install this GBWhatsApp apk in your device.

USB Debugging

Your android device must have enabled the USB Debugging to install this application. To enable you just need to follow this steps: Go to SettingsSecurity – Tap On Unknown Sources and then hit Ok button.

enable usb debugging

Download GBWhatsApp

Download the official GBWhatsApp apk from below given download links (Download links are given at the bottom)

No Root

No need to root your android device to use this GBWhatsApp apk. This app will work in both rooted as well as non rooted devices

Internet Connection

It is obvious thing that you need to have working internet connection to use this GBWhatsApp application in your mobile

Android Device

You must have a device having android operating system, this app will not work in other operating system

How To Install GBWhatsApp Apk In Android Device?

You must have follow below given steps to successfully install this GBWhatsApp application in your android device. If you are not aware how to install then check the steps and read all steps carefully. We have shared the easy guide with step by step process to install this GBWhatsApp apk successfully.

Download GBWhatsApp Apk

First of all you need to download the official GBWhatsApp apk from here: GBWhatsApp Apk

Start Installation Process

After download the apk, click on it and start installing it in your android device.

installation process

App Installed

After installing the software, if it get successfully installed then you will see the below given snapshot of “App Installed

GBWhatsApp app is installed

Open & Verify Mobile Number

After getting this “App Installed” notification, you will see the GBWhatsApp icon in the menu. Click & open it, it will ask to enter the mobile number for verification. Simply enter your mobile number and complete the verification process.

GBWhatsApp mobile verification

Dual WhatsApp

2 whatsapp account

Now after successfully installing the GBWhatsApp apk in your android device, you will see two whatsapp icon. The one if the official whatsapp and other is the which is the modded version of it. So now you can use 2 whatsapp account in your android device.

GBWhatsApp Guidelines Videos

Wrapping Up

So above given is the best ways to download and install the GBWhatsApp apk in your android device. If you really wants to enjoy the modded version of whatsapp application then simply download it from above and install it by given steps. This GBWhatsApp application can be installed in any android device where official whatsapp can be installed. If you wants to add something better in you whatsapp then you can try this whatsapp plus application which is the best modded version of whatsapp.

GBWhatsApp provides the cool and great features of modded version. So you can enjoy it by downloading this modded version of whatsapp in your android device. We are here to help you. If you find any difficulty or stuck at any point while installing the GBWhatsApp apk, then immediately contact us from our contact page or make comment here. We are 24×7 available on this website, so we will help you immediately. If you like this GBWhatsApp apk then share it with yout friends and family on social media site. Bookmark it and enjoy GBWhatsApp 2017.