what is a web developer

What Is A Web Developer?


A web developer specializes in developing applications that relate to World Wide Web. They develop the website design and then create it. They have to make the website to appealing to the eye, deal with the sites technical aspects which include performance and the capacity.


They are entirely responsible of the websites speed the capacity the website can hold in terms of traffic.



Developers use programming languages such as XML or HTML when developing the website. They can work on different companies or organizations which include; small, medium size and large businesses or even work as freelancers.



Web developer’s roles

  • They are required to program and debug all the website applications. The developer should test every program they develop at every stage before implementing it. Debugging should also be done by using execution testing and code correction where it aims at maintaining correctness.


  • They are to use authoring languages in developing the site, manage all tools, create content tools, create apps and digital media.


  • They are the website directors and update on websites and how they are performing.


  • Bring the technology team together so they can resolve conflicts which may occur as a group. Keeps all needs as a priority and ensure that they come up with the solution.


  • Be updated on the latest happenings in the field of programming and web apps. They should either do research or attend conferences and workshops.


  • Managing the team that produces content and ensure the content is updated, edited to the new requirements.


  • They should ensure the code meets the standards required, it has not expired, properly structured and can be used with other devices, browsers and the operating system.


  • Check all the technical requirements and determine what the users need.


  • Ensure all files have been backed-up from local websites so that they can be retrieved easily in case they are lost.


  • Ensure that they test all new features so that they can perform the tasks they are required to do.


  • Maintenance and building of databases.


  • Being the role decision maker when the team needs to decide on what technologies and languages they are supposed to use.


All the web developer has to do is to ensure that they keep an eye on every detail and always have a logical way of solving problems.


Developers mostly work as a team especially in companies so you should be open to working alone or working as a group.



You should be able to have good communication skills, and manage to complete work within the stipulated time.


While still at school, web developers should aim at gaining more experience to be used when they start working.


They should make sure that they attend workshops and conferences so that they can learn from the experienced people.


They should also work hard and join coding and development societies to learn from the other students.


If you have been admiring people who work under technology, and you want to explore, web developing is the way to go.



What skills do you need to be a web developer?


A web developer specializes in developing websites or programs applications that are run over HTTP direct from a web server to the web browser.



They can handle either the server side or the front-end logic where it involves all the elements the users see in the web app. They also deal with all the APIs and web services which make the front end to function.


  • One must have a  degree, certification, or hands on projects based experience in web designing where the learner gets education in the key elements.


  • These key elements include; multimedia production, web application programming usability testing, visual communication, digital arts and design, programming and publishing and interactivity.


  • There are also accredited bodies that give certificates to people who qualify to be certified. These bodies include Certified Internet Webmaster and International webmaster association-HTML Writers guide.


There are skills that will make you qualify to be a web developer and they include;


  • You must be updated with what is happening in the industry. You are required to set up time to attend workshops and conferences so as to keep improving the knowledge you have.


  • You must be good at reading magazines and following blogs that update people on the recent happenings.


  • As a web developer you never stop learning and improving. Technologies keep changing now and then so you have to stay on top of the game with following the latest trends and technologies.


  • You have to adapt to new technologies quickly and be able to implement them.


  • Always prioritize the most important things and manage time well. Sometimes it can be stressful especially when work load piles and need to be done before the deadline.


  • Make a list of things to do first and ensure that you check the list every morning to decide on what to start with. Set reminders and always communicate in case you are not able to deliver in time.


  • As a developer you must understand the technical side of the business. You must be excellent in grasping your client’s requirements and how they will end up using the product. You have to take time and think of the consumer first before you design the website.


  • You must be a great team player and communicator. Communication is paramount when you are a web designer because you need to agree with the developers, designers, clients and the customer on how you want the end product to look like. You have to make them understand the jargon that surrounds the technical area, which is not an easy task.


Web developers must engage themselves all the time with technical issues to keep learning without considering how many years they have been in this field. Developers have to be self motivated so as to keep improving on what they are doing at that time.


With all these skills and the right education a web developer can reap a lot online. Always be updated with whatever is happening, follow well known developers and learn from what they are doing.



Difference between a Web designer and a Web developer

A web designer is a person who uses his creativity and different techniques to design or redesign a website. They have enough knowledge to know how the website will function and at the same time attract the user.


The designer has to dedicate his time in jobs which deal with designing the web pages. The world is growing fast and people have turned to technology especially when something needs to be communicated in a business. The web can also be used for shopping, information, social life and many more.


The work of a Web developer is to design a website, maintain it for the client, modify the website if need be and must have in mind the requirements of the consumers. When designing the product, they must give more information on where the consumer will get the product.


Things that can be included in the website are; newsletters, email accounts and other kind of information. There are developers who may decide to deal with back end of the site or decide to deal with the client and add style to the website.



  • Web designers use adobe photoshop so that they can create a layout of the website and other visual elements. Web developers have to use PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other programs to design the website.


  • A web designer must have good skills in logo design and graphic. Web developers need styling processors to quicken the development process. They also use JavaScript libraries and frameworks to ease their job.


  • The web designer must have the consumer at heart so that they can be able to bring out the simplest approach and at the same time ensure they deliver what is desired. They have to include the layout, buttons, images and do the general formatting of the website. For web developers the front-end developer marks the design and leaves it for the back developers to implement it on a dynamic website, then submit the data on the server and database.


  • Web designers must be up to date with the latest designs and trends. They have to check what other companies are doing so as to keep consistency on what is popular. These companies include; Google and Facebook, where the website environment is made easier to navigate because the eyes of the users are familiar to this. Web developers use the same development environment or IDEs which are application tools for coding and building the structure of the website.


  • Web designers must have knowledge about branding and the color palettes to be used on the website. Ensure that the website has good typography and can be read easily. Web developers use versioning tools to keep history of their previous work. They move with ease and quickly to their previous versions if they need to do so.


Having a clear understanding of the difference between the two will help you on which to choose.They are both very helpful when building a website.



How much does a web developer typically earn?

The web development industry is exciting and on the forefront of the digital age. It’s also one of the industries that is growing at a phenomenally fast pace. We are currently in an Internet age and skilled web developers are a group of professionals that we absolutely cannot do without.


All the websites we browse, the items we order virtually, and the information we have access to online are all made possible by the web developers who create and manage these sites.


The work functions of web developers include (but are not limited to) designing, building and implementing Internet websites, as well as maintaining them in certain circumstances.


They play major roles in website creation, from helping design aesthetic properties such as layout and color to managing technical considerations relating to how to design a website so that it can handle a given amount of Internet traffic.


Each one of these job types has specific duties and aspects of web development that they focus on, with a unique set of skills geared towards those specific goals.


Regardless of their specific job title, however, there is no denying the importance of all web development jobs; it’s also an indisputable fact that no what the specific duties of a web developer are (front-end development, back-end development, or something else entirely), they will be handsomely compensated for their time and effort.


In the U.S,  web developers earn an average yearly salary of $63,079. Salaries typically start from $26,937 and go up to $110,541 for junior web developers to professionals and experts.


On the average, a web developer hourly wage is $30.33 and typically starts from $12.95 and goes up to $53.14.


Following the report of PayScale.com, the average web developer’s salary falls within the range $35,000 to $80,000 while a senior web developer’s earn somewhere between $52,000 and $107,000 and those experienced with the use of technologies such as Java and C# can even be paid a higher salary.


The front-end developer who focuses his efforts on user-website interface earns $43,000 to $102,000 based on experience.


A back-end developer deals with the development of databases that hosts website data among other activities, their own pay ranges between $43,000 and $116,000. A full stack developer is well versed with  both back and front end technologies, although may not have the expert knowledge as someone who specializes in any of these fields, he earns an average wage of $102,000 per annum.